Antalya Forest Fire Rages on, Bodrum Fires Under Control

Antalya Forest FireRages on, Bodrum Fires Under Control

24 August 2006

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A forest fire that broke last Friday in the Kasdistrict of the southern Turkish province of Antalya is still continuing whileanother big fire which ravaged hundreds of acres in the Bodrum district of Muglahas been contained.

Firefighting efforts in Kas are continuing with 6 fire-fighting helicoptersand numerous personnel, said Ahmet Gedikagaoglu, the Regional Forestry Director,in a statement made late Wednesday.

Reinforcement units have arrived from the neighboring cities of Ankara, Bursa,Eskisehir, Mersin, Mugla, Isparta and Burdur.

Steep cliffs and undulating lands in the mountainous area make it difficultto fight the fire.

Meanwhile, another forest fire in the mountainous area near the touristresort of Bodrum was finally brought under control late Wednesday. Power linesare suspected to have sparked the fire. Around 700 hectares of forest wasravaged in the three-day fire.

A fire, began in the Nazilli district of the western province of Aydin aidedby strong winds destroyed nearly 50 hectares of forestland, said Aydin governorMustafa Malay. Malay added that the fire had been put out and that efforts werecontinuing to ensure that it did not start up again.

Turkey has seen 1,448 forest fires so far this year which destroyed at least2,533 hectares of forest throughout the country, Turkish officials said.


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