Namibia: Burnt Sheep to Be Put Out of Misery

Namibia: Burnt Sheep to Be Put Out of Misery

10 August 2006

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Windhoek, Namibia — Badly burnt sheep on the farm Springboklaagte in the Dordabis area, which lost about 600 sheep and goats in a veld fire on Monday, will be destroyed.

Mrs Visagie, the wife of the farm owner Kobus Visagie, said yesterday that a number of sheep had been found alive but injured.

“Their bodies, eyes, ears and noses are badly burnt and it is better just to kill them,” she said.

Mrs Visagie said roughly half of the grazing on the 5 000-hectare farm had been destroyed by the veld fire.

The fire started on Monday morning at farm Autabib near Dordabis, east of Windhoek.

It was apparently caused by a spark from an angle-grinder used by workers building a lodge on thefarm.

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About 1 200 hectares of grazing was destroyed at Autabib, from where the fire spread to the farm Onverwacht of Joachim Luehl.

Luehl said he had lost about 3 000 hectares of grazing.

Veld fires have also been reported in the Ovitoto and Midgard areas and in the Hatamas Mountains south-west of Dordabis.


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