Canberra bushfire inquiry nears end

Canberra bushfire inquiry nears end

28 July 2006

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The inquiry into Canberra’s 2003 bushfires resumes this morning to hear final evidence.

Lawyers representing the New South Wales Government will make a final submission to the inquiry.

They will argue coroner Maria Doogan does not have the power to make any findings, recommendations or comments relating to fires outside the ACT.

In particular, the McIntyres Hut blaze, that started in the Brindabella National Park in New South Wales on January 8.

It was that fire that ultimately caused the most damage to Canberra 10 days later.

The New South Wales submission will bring the coronial inquiry to a close.

It will then be up to Ms Doogan to come up with her final report.

So far the inquiry has been running for more than three years and cost around $10 million.

Final submissions: NSW will argue the coroner cannot consider fires outside the ACT. (ABC)


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