Region suffers grass fire spate

Region suffers grass fire spate

21 July 2006

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Fireman damping down a forest fire Nottinghamshire has seen its busiest summer for six years Fire crews around the East Midlands have warned people to take extra care after recent high temperatures have seen a surge in grass and forest fires.

Forces in Derbys, Lincs, Leics and Notts said they have dealt with hundreds of incidents this week.

Walkers were warned to keep to pathways in the Peak District after a large fire broke out on moorland.

People have also been urged to discard cigarettes carefully, not light bonfires or barbecues near woodland.

‘Prioritising resources’

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service said this summer had been its busiest in six years.

Vic Macmillan from the service, said: “We are an emergency service, we’ve been here before and we will continue to cope.

“We’re prioritising where we need to put our resources and, if necessary, we will move appliances from the city to the north of the county, where most of these incidents are occurring.”

Dave Brocklesby from the Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, added: “In the first 18 days of July, we’ve had around 120 fire calls to grassland hedges and heaths.

“The majority of these were attributing to people carelessly discarding smoking materials or just not being vigilant on how they use fire.”


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