Return of the haze?

Return of the haze?

17 July 2006

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Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia —  The haze may return with the dry season for the next three months due to increasing hotspots in Sumatra and the southwest monsoon (the Sumatras) winds.

Meteorological Services Department assistant director-general Mohd Helmi Abdullah said the rain volume on average will be lower during the monsoon season.

“A total of 93 hotspots were recorded in Sumatra on Thursday (July 13, 2006) compared with 51 the day before.

“The source of haze in Malaysia is usually from Sumatra hotspots and domestic open burnings,” he told theSuntoday (July 14, 2006).

Asked whether the haze condition in the country currently was bad, Mohd Helmi said: “The visibility is still more than 5km, which is still over the safe driving distance. But the department will continue to monitor and will issue a warning to all quarters, including air and maritime, if the condition turns bad.”


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