Instant TV messages to alert remote communities

Instant TV messages to alert remote communities

13 July 2006

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Australia — If you are living in remote Australia in the future, instant messages with information from bushfire alerts to doctor visits could pop up on your television.

New research by the Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre has shown that the TV is almost always switched on in remote communities and improved technology could make sure messages get through.

Dr Andrew Turk from Murdoch University says the technology would help to improve communication.

“From the results of our survey, TVs seem to be on pretty well all day, now whether people are watching them is another question,” he said.

“But if we put a message as audio in Idigenous language, people pick up on that even if they’re not watching the set and they realise that is something of interest to them, rather than just the general chatter in English.

“That’s the method of getting people’s attention.”


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