Six die in Portugal forest fire – Lusa

Six die in Portugal forest fire – Lusa

9 July 2006

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Lisbon, Portugal —  Six firemen died in a forest fire that burnt out of control in central Portugal on Sunday, local media reported.

The dead were five Chileans and one Portuguese. The flames were fanned by strong winds.

“Only the investigation will verify if the team was in the correct position and if the work was organised in the proper manner,” Lusa news agency quoted the head of the national protection service, Gil Martins, as saying. “Forest fires are unpredictable.”

Fire services were not immediately available for comment. Lusa reported that the Chileans were in Portugal to help the country fight forest fires during the summer.

There were huge forest fires in Portugal last year but so far this summer they have been calm. Warmer weather during the last two days, however, has ignited them again.


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