Asthmatics warned over Perth smoke haze

Asthmatics warned over Perth smoke haze

6 June 2006

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Perth, Australia — A thick smoke haze settled on Perth last night following prescribed burns in the hills.

The Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM) says smoke from a planned fire near Kalamunda drifted over the city.

Cold still air pushed the smoke down to street level, making the haze thick on the ground.

Northerly winds this morning are expected to blow the smoke away.

The Asthma Foundation’s John Shave says this time of year is always a problem for people with respiratory problems.

“CALM does a lot of burn offs and in particular it’s a problem when the winds are either very light or non-existent, when it just settles, and particularly when there’s a large temperature differential between the day and the night, the smoke just tends to sit, and that’s when it can cause more of a problem,” he said.

“People with asthma or other respiratory diseases could have their asthma triggered by the smoke that’s drifting around, if people are able to, then they should try and stay inside with the windows shut as much aspossible.”


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