Grass fire safety call to public

Grass fire safety call to public

31 May 2006

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United Kingdom — The fire service has issued a warning to the public after two grass blazes in the Borders in the pastmonth.

Recent fires have prompted a warning to the public

The incidents on the Eildon Hills and between Innerleithen and Walkerburn have caused severe damage and put pressure on firefighting resources.

A spokesman for Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service said there was a real risk of further fires happening.

He asked the public to be aware of the danger and to ensure they know how to raise the alarm if problems arise.

“People imagine that we have to have an Indian Summer of 1976,” said Gavin Dunlop of the Lothian and Borders service.

“You really don’t need to have that level of dryness or heat to ignite forest or gorse.

“The type of weather we are getting at the moment is adequate to do it,” he said.

Key message’

He asked the public to take care during the weeks ahead.

“There is a key message that we have to put across,” said Mr Dunlop.

“It is very important people going into these forest areas for recreation purposes should be aware that it is a relatively dangerous period of time at the moment.”

The fire service is asking people not to take anything into these areas which might ignite grass or gorse.

Officers also want visitors to make sure they plan their way in and out of forest land. 


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