TT hotter than normal

TT hotter than normal

25 May 2006

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Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago — The Meteorological Office yesterday said the local heat index is higher than normal for this time of year. Meteorologist Saide Shakeer said the heat index and the added humidity are making temperatures higher than normal within the past months, with temperatures rising to 35 degrees centigrade and above during the day, when the norm is 32 to 33 degrees.

Asked if the dry weather was contributing to the high rate of bush fires, Shakeer said:“The wind speed contributes to the spread of fire on dry bushes which rapidly feeds fire.”

The Fire Service Fire Prevention Department on Tuesday reported 936 bush fires for the months of February and March. Last year experienced lower records of bush fire which was due to heavy rainfall. However, Chief Fire Services Officer, Lennox Alfred said that 99 percent of bush fires are set by persons who are careless.

“Bush fire is also caused from slashing bushes or camping, and persons who leave fires unattended,” Alfred said, “and persons who light bush or grass on fire.”

Junior Minister of National Security, Fitzgerald Hinds said that he hoped the Fire Services have the resources to deal with the high percentage of bush fires.


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