Russia Ready to Implement Kyoto Protocol This Fall – Minister

Russia Ready to Implement Kyoto Protocol This Fall – Minister 

19 May 2006

published by RIA Novosti

Moscow — Russia will be ready to start implementing the Kyoto protocol on measures to combat climate change after the end of the summer, the natural resources minister said Friday.

“Russia possesses significant carbonic acid emission reserves and major forest resources, which can absorb large volumes of emissions. Most necessary document will be ready in August 2006,” Yury Trutnev told Swedish Minister of Environmental Issues Lena Sommestad during a meeting in Moscow.

Sommestad said Sweden was ready to share its experience to help Russia implement the protocol, an international agreement setting targets for industrialized countries to cut their greenhouse gas emissions that came into effect February 2006 after Russia’s ratification.

Trutnev said Russia had considerably reduced emissions since the 1990s and its economy was currently witnessing “trends to modernize production and use technologies aimed at reducing negative impacts on the environment.”
The Kyoto protocol was agreed upon in 1997, based on principles set out in a climate change convention signed in 1992.


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