Fast fill tanker pump

Fast fill tanker pump

20 May 2006

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Australia — Australian Pump Industries, one of Australia’s leading builders of high pressure fire fighting pumps, has developed a range of fast fill tanker pumps suitable for fire fighting tenders andtankers.

The basis of this range of “Aussie gushers” is a big 3″ high flow pump powered by a range of Honda petrol or Yanmar diesel engines, the QP303.

With flows of up to 1150L per minute, the 3″ pump can quickly fill fire fighting tenders or tankers in emergency bush fire conditions.

The pump’s excellent self priming characteristics make it the ideal choice for fire fighters.

The QP303 will draw water from depths of 7.6m allowing it to draught from streams, dams or even shallow wells.

The 3″ pump comes mounted in a heavy duty roll frame with anti-vibration mounts supplied as standard. Its large belly body provides excellent flow/pressure performance.

A heavy duty cast iron open style impeller enables the pump to pass small solids in suspension and a bolt on flanged suction piece ensures the check valve is easily serviced without dismantling the pump.

A wide range of industrial petrol engine drives is available from a 5.5hp Honda through to a 13hp Honda engine.

In diesel configurations a Yanmar 4.8hp air cooled engine is supplied with optional 6hp drive.

Electric start is available in most configurations and can be hard wired onto the truck 12V electric circuit if the tanker is mounted.

The 3″ pump has an excellent head capability of 33m, allowing it to pump up to tankers from gullies or ravines.

The pump is relatively light in weight and easily portable. This makes it suitable for stationing beside a water source in the event of a fleet of tankers requiring fast filling during fire fighting activities.

Hydraulic drive versions of the Aussie Quik Prime 303 are available and can be incorporated in the fire tender or tanker design and driven from the prime mover’s hydraulic PTO pump source.


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