Wen orders tightened forest fire control measures

Premier Wen orders tightened forest fire control measures

11 May 2006

published by news.xinhuanet.com

BEIJING — Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has instructed fire fighting units to tighten forest fire control measures after a spate of fires recently.

He said it was important to implement prevention measures, monitor possible risks and promote education.

Fire fighters on Wednesday succeeded in subduing two forest fires that started Monday in northeast Heilongjiang Province.

On May 5, a fire broke out in virgin forest in the Greater Khingan Range in northern China’s Inner Mongolia region and was extinguished two days later after 2,000 fire fighters, police and forestry officials were mobilized.

A notice issued by the State Forest Fire Prevention Headquarters, the National Afforestation Committee and the State Forestry Bureau, urged local fire control staff to remain alert and prepare for a rapid response to fire call outs.


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