Forest fire breaks out in north China

Forest fire breaks out in north China

5 May 2006

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DAYANGSHU, Inner Mongolia — About 300 police and some forest workers are fighting fire at eight spots in the Greater Khingan Range, a major base of virgin forest reserve in north China, sources said Friday.

The fire began Friday noon in the jurisdiction of the Dayangshu forestry bureau in Oroqen Autonomous Banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Police around the forestry bureau were awaiting orders.

Airplanes were employed to quench the fire. However, the fire remained out of control by 11 p.m. Friday

Investigation into the cause of the fire is under way.

Local authorities believed the longtime drought and relatively high temperature might have led to the forest fire.

The whole Greater Khingan Range has been at the risk of fire since April 20, the sources said.


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