Fire in Sivapuri National Park

Firein Sivapuri National Park

26 March 2006

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Nepal — There is a big forest fire in Shivapuri National Park in the northof adjoining capital city Kathmandu. The national park is a source of water(60-70%) of the capital city dwellers. It is burning uncontrolly till last night. 

According to the warden of the park Mr. Megh B. Pande, the fire has startedabout 1 pm from the south of the park. There was no immediate response from thefire brigade so fire is expanding uncontrolly. it is fueled up by the strongwind. Local community, park people and security personnels are able to protectGUMBA (religious place of Budhists). Green twigs and spade were used to gightfire. 

Accouding to the warden, this is due to the fuel load accumulated on theforest floor by not allowing local people to collect leaf letters and fodder.

Habitas of the importand birds and plants were destroyed due to the fire. Ithas also negetive impacts on other protected wild animals in the park.

(un-official translation by Sundar Sharma)


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