Bushfire: A threat to survival

Bushfire:A threat to survival

30 January 2006

published by www.observer.gm

Gambia — The menace of bushfire has been a long-standingenvironmental problem well before global warming.

Of course, this ultimately poses a serious threat todeforestation, a resultant effect of which is a potential loss of the flora andfauna.

Last week, a kilometre – long bushfire consumed virtually thewhole of the forest cover in Johe in Nuimi.

For a long period, bushfire serves as a potential threat tothe survival of the rural folks, most of whom depend on agricultural productionfor their sustenance. There were instances when bushfire ravaged a wholefarmland, thereby affecting productivity.

So, the menace of bushfire has led to poor agriculturalproduction, loss of grazing for animals and environmental degradation caused bydeforestation.

It persistently remains a major threat to the survival ofhuman race, but the methods used in the local communities to curb the menacedone to our forests are commendable. Local farmers in some parts of the countryhave now resorted to controlling-techniques to prevent damage to their farms andgardens.

On the other hand, the Department of Forestry, incollaboration with the Gambia German Forestry Project (GGFP), has succeeded inraising awareness about the threats of bushfire, and, in many cases, helped inmanaging community forests across the country.

Nonetheless, for us to succeed in the sustainable managementof our forests, and to further reduce the prevalence of deforestation,communities and concerned individuals should exert themselves to ensure that ourenvironment is protected against the hazards of environmental degradation.


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