Grass Fire Burns Two Dozen Homes in Oklahoma

Grass Fire Burns Two Dozen Homes in Oklahoma

14 January 2006

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OKLAHOMA CITY — At least two dozen homes have been destroyed by grass fires that have burned thousands of acres across Oklahoma.

The worst fire continues to burn in the state’s south, where a four-mile-wide blaze has burned at least 20 homes. Air tankers are dumping fire retardant on the area. And a spokesman at the fire response center says the blaze is about half contained. Another fire nearby burned at least four homes near a high school.

Officials say more than 800 homes have been evacuated about an hour’s drive south of Oklahoma City.

In Oklahoma alone, grass fires have burned more than 401,000 acres and destroyed more than 220 homes and businesses since November 1.

The National Weather Service says there is little chance of precipitation in the next seven days.


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