Grass Fire Leaves Family Homeless

Grass Fire Leaves Family Homeless

10 January 2006

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USA — A Central Georgia family is homeless after a fire in destroyed nearly all their possessions.

Fire investigators say they believe it was preventable. Investigator Bill Smith believes someone was burning brush, when the wind carried the flames across 4 or 5 acres of land.

The homeowners lost the house, boats and car. The motor home was destroyed after its propane tank exploded.

One neighbor says everything was charred in a matter of minutes.

Neighbor Myrel Harner says, “The wind was gusty, it had to be gusting 15-20, and like I say the fire just ran across this short grass, so fast you can’t run ahead of it when the wind was blowing and when the wind quit it gave us a lot of help.”

Investigator Smith says the most important thing to learn is that you need a permit for outdoor burning and every community has different rules about when, what and where you can burn.


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