Spain to purchase Russia’s fire fighting helicopters

Spain to purchase Russia’s fire fightinghelicopters

28 November 2005

published by RIAN

MOSCOW, November 28 (RIA Novosti) – Spanish company Helisureste will purchase two fire fighting helicopters from Russia’s Kamov producer under a contract signed late last week, the Russian company said Monday.

“Considering Helisureste’s last contract, the Kamov will supply four Ka-32 helicopters in 2006,” the company said.

The Spanish company has been operating Ka-32 helicopters since 1995. In 2004 and 2004, the company received four Ka-32 helicopters and has successfully employed them since then to put out fires in Europe, the company said.

Helisureste’s technical director said the 2005 fire-fighting season proved the Ka-32 helicopters to be the best in the world in terms of their performance.

The Ka-32 is a multi-purpose helicopter certified in Russia, Canada, Switzerland, Taiwan, South Korea and Mexico. The helicopter is used for fire fighting, rescue operations, construction, assembly, transportation operations in the mountains, rough terrain at low and high temperatures and can perform day or night, despite low visibility.


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