Haze in Kota Kemuning serious

Haze in Kota Kemuning serious

12 October 2005

published by thestar.com.my

Malaysia — In response to Tan Lian Hwa’s letter “Investigate source of haze, please” on Sept 15, I’d like to highlight to the authorities again that the haze problem in Kota Kemuning is serious. 

You can see the township enveloped in thick smoke especially at night. 

This problem has been recurring on and off since I moved to Kota Kemuning two and a half years ago. 

It’s very upsetting that after a hard day’s work, when you think you can get a good rest at home, you end up inhaling smoke even when you are indoors with all the doors and windows closed! 

Although this problem has been highlighted in the media a few times, it seems that nothing is being done by the relevant authorities to solve it. 

They should pay us a visit here to see how bad the situation is. I hope the authorities are going to do something about it, once and for all. No-one wants to live in a developed state that is enveloped in smoke, right? 

Smoke Inhaler Since 2003
Kota Kemuning 


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