Forest fire on Sino-Russian border quenched

Forest fire on Sino-Russian border quenched

1 November 2005

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HARBIN — A forest fire that began in Huma County on the Sino-Russian border in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province, was completely quench by 5 p.m. on Sunday, sources from the provincial headquarters for forest fire control said.

All the fire fighters have shifted the focus of their work fromfire fighting to vigilance and debris removal on the ground where there was a fire, said the working group for fire eradication with the headquarters.

The fires erupted on the night of Oct. 23 in Huma County, whichbelongs to the highly forested Greater Hinggan Mountains. The devastating fires spread to the adjacent Heihe, also a city on Sino-Russian border inside Heilongjiang Province, because of strong winds. The fires in Heihe City were eradicated on Oct. 27.

Altogether 6,397 personnel were sent to fight the blazes in Heilongjiang Province, according to the provincial headquarters for forest fire control.

The forest fires destroyed the homes of more than 30 families, with 140 dwellers, in Huma County, but didn’t cause any casualties.

The cost of the damage caused by the fires is being investigated. 


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