Forest fire leaves 140 homeless

Forest fire leaves 140 homeless

27 October 2005

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HARBIN, Oct.27 (Xinhuanet) – Residents who have lost their houses in the forest fire in N.E. China’s Heilongjiang Province have settled down with the help of local government, and no casualties have been reported, said the provincial forest fire prevention headquarter.

The devastating forest fire started in Huma County in the province Sunday afternoon, and has been raging for three days, devouring an area of 110,000 ha., threatening 25 villages as well as three forestry farms.

The fire has burned down 30 houses and left 140 people homeless.

Normally temperature in Huma County on the Sino-Russian border will fall below zero centigrade in the evening of late autumn.

To ensure victims health and life, the local government has sent 21 tents, warm clothes and other daily necessities to the fire-stricken area. So far, all of the 140 residents have been properly arranged in tents or houses of their relatives.

The fire was ignited by a sudden gale when local forestry workers were burning weed to create a partition area for stopping fires from spreading to the mountain forests. As the force 8 wind blew, the forest fire quickly grew wilder and got out of control. Enditem.


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