Kiev is covered with pall of smoke

Kiev is covered with pall of smoke

6 October 2005

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UKRAINE — Pall of smoke of unknown origin fell upon capital of Ukraine. 

A smell of burning is the most strong in Podol and Vinogradar districts. First, citizens thought employees of community services burned leaves. But officials of Emergency Ministry advanced another version – smog fell on the capital as peatbogs around the city are burning.

Experts do not name the exact reason, but fire approaches Kiev closer and closer.

Tens of hectares of peat are burning. The fire lies deeply underground. Rescuers of Kiev Emergency Ministry douse the fields with water, but fire runs underground and erupts in other places. That is why fire-brigades water the peat uninterruptedly.

Within this, fire brigades of the peat regions allude to that the smog over Kiev appeared because of forest fires in Koncha Zaspa.

Emergency Ministry of Kiev promises to name the reason of the strange smog in the near future.


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