Fire burns in San Juan National Forest

Fire burns in San Juan National Forest

15 September 2005

published by DurangoHerald

A small lightning-caused fire is burning 13 miles southeast of Dove Creek in the San Juan National Forest. 

The Far Draw Fire was discovered Saturday in a remote area between Narraguinnep and Far Draw canyons. Estimated to be 3 to 5 acres, it is a low-intensity fire moving slowly in ponderosa pine and gambel oak.

The fire is in a remote area predetermined for wildland fire use, which is a management strategy which allows fire to play its natural role in the ecosystem.

The fire is currently smoldering and creeping slowly through dead and down material on the ground.

Fire managers will monitor the fire on a regular basis, allowing the fire to clean up the forest floor and reducing the fire hazard and returning nutrients to the soil.


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