Vancouver breathes better as bog blaze dissipates

Vancouver breathes better as bog blaze dissipates

15 September 2005

published by GlobeAndMail

Delta, B.C. – Air quality in the Vancouver area improved Thursday as the amount of smoke coming from a fire at a massive peat bog outside the city dissipated.

The Greater Vancouver District cancelled its air quality advisory, meaning the chief medical health officer has determined that it is safe to resume normal outdoor activities.

The Vancouver area has been covered in a blanket of hazy smoke since the fire broke out in Burns Bog on Sunday.

“Residents are advised that pockets of smoke may persist over the next few days while firefighting activities continue,” the district said in a news release.

Officials have said it could take weeks to completely put out the fire, which has charred two square kilometres of the bog.

The bog — which covers 40 square kilometres — is an environmentally significant wetland that is home to rare plants and animals. It is located about 25 kilometres southwest of downtown Vancouver.

Because of the nature of the bog, the fire has been difficult to extinguish.

The cause of the fire remains unknown, but Environment Minister Barry Penner said he had concerns over the apparent unauthorized dumping in the bog of hog fuel — chips and shavings from sawmills.

Canadian Press


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