Blaze flares up again

Blaze flares up again

9 September 2005

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West Yorkshire — A HUGE grass fire that needed more than 75 firefighters to douse it has had to be put out again.

Firefighters had been re-checking the blaze in a disused quarry and woodland at South Crosland since late on Tuesday night when it was spotted burning again.

They hoped it would burn itself out, but had to spend Wednesday night pouring water on it again.

It was a massive task, which involved coupling dozens of lengths of hoses from the nearest hydrant almost a mile away.

The fire was said to be out again early yesterday and fire crews spent several hours packing up all their equipment again.

During the original fire there on August 21, about 75 firefighters had to tackle it, when it spread to within 800ft of a row of cottages.

The fire – classed as one of the biggest grass fires West Yorkshire has seen – was declared out after 17 hours, helped by torrential rain.

But it had burned deeply into the peat and this caused it to flare up again this week.


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