Firecrews alert over reports of new quarry blaze

Firecrews alert over reports of new quarry blaze

7September 2005

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West Yorkshire — A HUGE grass fire that needed more than 75 firefighters to douse it has flared up again.

But this time firefighters hope the blaze in a disused quarry and woodland at South Crosland will burn itself out.

Around 75 firefighters had to tackle it when it was first discovered on August 21 when it spread to within 800ft of a row of cottages.

The fire – classed as one of the biggest grass fires West Yorkshire has ever seen – was declared out after 17 hours. But it seems it had burned deep into the peat and has flared up again.

Firefighters received reports of smoke at 11pm.

Watch manager Paul Mace, of Huddersfield fire station, said: “We o checked it but it is in a very isolated spot the best part of a mile from the nearest road.

“We went back at 5am an crews will return every five hours to monitor the situation.”

It is hoped the fire will burn itself out or be doused by rain.

The main problem is getting water to the scene, so firefighters will only tackle it if it threatens any homes.


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