Haze a health hazard

Haze a health hazard

20 August 2005

publishedby www.thejakartapost.com

The government of Indonesia yet again has failed to do anything about the haze from the massive forest fires that is choking its neighbor, Malaysia.

It is a serious health hazard to children and older people. Thirty years from now they will suffer from the effects of smoke inhalation in the form of serious respiratory illnesses, including lung cancer.

Our own population some years back was subjected to similar conditions. It is not enough to say that the fires have been started by some Malaysian-owned companies. All of these fires are taking place within Indonesia’s borders, it is therefore the Indonesian government’s responsibility to put out the fires and eliminate the health and air traffic hazards caused by them.

The government has been completely remiss in carrying out its responsibilities to protect the health of its citizens and also in respecting the right of its neighbors to healthy air to breathe. 


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