Russia and China To Begin Forest Management Talks

Russiaand China To Begin Forest Management Talks

28 July 2005

publishedby RIA Novosti

Moscow– For the first time, Russia and China will hold negotiations on forestmanagement cooperation when a Chinese State Forestry Administration’s delegationvisits Moscow August 15-19, a spokesman for Russia’s Natural Resources Ministrysaid. 

Thetalks will focus on the development of a joint program, including the creationof a database of Chinese enterprises that buy timber from Russia and Russianlogging companies. The database will allow for tracking timber supplies andpreventing illegal trade, the spokesman said The delegates will also reviewmeasures to fight forest fires along the countries’ border and leasingregulations for Chinese logging companies operating in Russia.

Chinaleads the Russian timber industry trade with a total of $11.5 billion or 6.1% ofRussia’s foreign trade in 2004. 

Russia’sannual exports to China amount to 15 million cubic meters of rough timber (37 %of Russia’s round wood exports). China’s share of Russian needle wood exportsamounts to 45 %.


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