Portugal sends troops to fight fires

Portugalsends troops to fight fires

5 August 2005

publishedby ScienceDaily

LISBON,Portugal, 5 August 2005 (UPI) — Portugal is sending federal troops to assistefforts to combat the numerous fires that have been raging in the country forthe last two days. 

At least400 soldiers will join firefighters and volunteers working to control nearly twodozen different fires, Portugal’s Diario de Noticias newspaper reported in itsonline edition Friday. 

Some3,000 people are working to control the fires, some working night and day. 

Thefires raging near the capital have covered Lisbon in a thick cloud of smoke.Portugal is suffering from intense heat and drought, the worst in 60 years,meteorologists said.

Meanwhile, police reportedly arrested 11 mensuspected of starting the fires.


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