3August 2005


Investigators of the tragic crash of a Canadair waterbomber, which killed the two pilots on the island of Corsica on Monday, arestill searching the accident scene for more evidence.

The two experienced fire fighting pilots were out on a mission, when they wentdown with their air plane at 10:12 a.m.

It happened immediately after having released water onto fire that allegedly hadbeen deliberately lit.

An analysis of the black box, which was found in tact, is currently underway inParis and results are expected in the next day or so.

Witnesses to the accident and an amateur photograph have shown that a section ofthe plane fell off before the actual crash.

Investigators are now looking into two possible reasons of the crash.

They say that the plane may have hit an obstacle that lead to the aircraftbreaking up.

Another theory is that the plane had a defect.

The 13 tonne Canadair water bombers are said to be robust air planes.

Meanwhile fears of further fires fanned by forecasts of more Mistral winds areputting pressure on the investigations.


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