Machu Picchu park forest on fire

Machu Picchu park forest on fire 

18July 2005


A forest fire which broke out in the world known Archeological Machu Picchu Park in the Andes highlands has been burning for the last four days with little prospects of a quick extinction reports the Peruvian newspapers.

According to police reports dozens of firemen and forestry personnel are fighting the blaze which has razed tens of hectares and is threatening the habitat of several highlands species.

Apparently the blaze occurred in the kilometer 93 of the rail way which links the city of Cuzco with Quillabamba, ten kilometres from the Machu Picchu village leading to the ruins of the sacred citadel of the Incas.

Peru-Rail the private company that runs the line is transporting fire fighters and equipment to help prevent the blaze from extending in spite of the strong winds.

Police authorities believe the fire started when a local peasant was clearing an area close to the forest and with the winds lost control of the situation.
The suspect has yet to be arrested, reports the Peruvian press. 


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