Growing Geraldton forest fire

Growing Geraldtonforest fire

22June 2005


Fire crews continue to battle a rapidly growing forestfire north of Geraldton. The fire, known as Nipigon 20 is spreading quickly andis now threatening millions of dollars worth of cut wood, owned by Buchananforest products.

At last report the fire has grown to over ten-thousand hectares and accordingto fire officials, it’s still far too intense for ground crews to get close. MNRspokesperson Debbie Mclean says crews continue to back burn thefire in hopes of slowing the blaze. Until that happens, efforts will concentrateon protecting areas of high value, and installing sprinklers on forestryequipment and cabins threatened by the fire. Logging trucks could be seenscrambling all day, removing as much of the threatened wood as possible.

An emergency order has now been issued, restricting travel on the Ogoki Road.Mclean says there are currently 14 active fires across the region but theNipigon 20 is by far the most serious.


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