Seaside firefighters will stand down

Seaside firefighters will stand down

21June 2005


Firefighters in Seaside will officially stand down from 7 to 9 p.m.Wednesday, although they will answer emergency calls.

Fire departments across the country are standing down Tuesday to re-emphasizesafety. Fifty-six U.S. firefighters have died so far in 2005. As fire season hasnot yet started, that is a disturbingly high number, Fire Chief Joe Dotson said.The total number of U.S. firefighters killed in 2004 was 107.

Fire Marshal Chris Dugan said a majority of the deaths in 2005 were caused byheart attacks or strokes. Wednesday’s stand down will feature a nutrition andexercise lecture aimed at improving the health of the firefighters.

Dugan said firefighting is very high-stress. “You go from a sitting, resting,relaxed state to doing something excruciating,” he said. “We’re going totalk to our firefighters about taking care of ourselves … The last thing wewant to do is kill a firefighter.”

Oregon stands 16th in the nation for firefighter deaths since 1981, with 56deaths, according to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation’s Web site.Dugan said a majority of those are from wildland fighting in dunes, marshes orforests.


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