Dromader Chrash

AircraftCrash in Spain

8Jun 2005

published by www.gfmc.org

The following message reached the GFMC from Area de Defensacontra Incendios Forestales:

“A fire fighting aircraft crashed yesterday at theforest fire base of Beariz, Orense. The plane, a PZL-M-18 Dromader, fell downafter take-off, 300 m away from the landing strip, after refilling. It washeading to Poio in the province of  Pontevedra, where it was working in thesuppression of a forest fire. The pilot, one of the most experienced workers atthis base, had worked there for four years”.


Area de Defensa contra Incendios Forestales
Gran Vía de San Francisco, 4
28005  MADRID
Tfno: 91 366 51 01
Fax: 91 365 83 79


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