Largest taiga forest fire put out in Pre-Baikal region

Largest taiga forest fire put out inPre-Baikal region

26May 2005

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The largest taiga fire on the area of more than 500 hectareshas been put out in the Pre-Baikal region on the border with the Krasnoyarskterritory, the territorial department of the forest protection air base toldItar-Tass on Thursday.

A bonfire caused the fire in the Biryusinsky forestry a weekago. The fire spread out quickly in the forest over dry hot weather. Residentsof neighboring villages and forest protection workers began extinguishing thefire immediately, but it was difficult, as the fire broke out in thehard-to-reach area.

The situation was complicated by winds up to 20 meters persecond, and the blaze could spread onto the nearby village of Ekunchet. About200 people, tractors and bulldozers were involved in the firefighting efforts.

The forest fire area has reduced five times in the Irkutskregion and the Ust-Ordynsky Buryat autonomous area over the past day, 100 fireshave been put out. Twenty fires on the area of 700 hectares are still blazing.Firefighting efforts are in progress.


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