Forest fire boss surprised by early start to season

Forest fire boss surprised by early start to season

11May 2005


YELLOWKNIFE – The forest fire season in the N.W.T. has already started.

Two fires were reported in the last week, one near the community of Nahanni Butte and one near Fort Resolution.

Loyal Letcher, the manager of forests in the Deh Cho Region, says the fire near Nahanni Butte caught everyone off guard.

“It took me totally by surprise. I believe it was the chief of Nahanni Butte who called me and said he could see smoke in the forest fire right near the community,” he says.

“I asked him if he was serious and he said yes. So I went to look and sure enough it was a large forest fire burning.”

The fire took three days to control and burned more than 300 hectares.

It is thought humans caused both fires.

Letcher says it’s an important reminder to be careful because the grass is dry right now.

The territory requires burn permits from May first through Sept. 30.


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