Carolina Forest area fire smoldering

Carolina Forest area fire smoldering

29April 2005


A forest fire that has been smoldering for nearly a week is annoying Carolina Forest residents but probably not endangering them, according to state forestry officials.

The fire began in the Carolina Bays between Red Wolf Trail and S.C. 31 in the early evening of April 23, after a debris burn got out of control, according to Horry County Fire Rescue reports. Firefighters got it under control Sunday, but the special habitat of the bays has caused it to continue smoking.

The bays’ vegetation includes waxy shrubs, pine trees and soil that resembles peat, all creating a highly flammable landscape, according to state forestry information.

Some neighbors have questioned why firefighters are not dousing the area to put out the remaining smoke, said Ken Cabe, Forestry Commission spokesman.

An expert in his office determined it would take 12.9 million gallons of water to extinguish the 118 acres, Cabe said.

The best strategy is to contain the fire and let it burn out, according to forestry information. It could burn for months without enough rainfall to completely extinguish the fire.


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