Departments Knock Out First Forest Fire for 2005

Departments Knock Out First Forest Fire for 2005

26February 2005

publishedby Kota Territory News

by Teri Nelson

A stray bullet sparked a small fire near Rockerville this afternoon burning little more than an acre. But in February the first forest fire of 2005 is enough to fan already intense fears of a nasty fire season. 
Foresters say fire conditions now resemble those typical of May or June—and without moisture it will only get worse. Forest Service Resource Assistant David Slepnikoff says a stray bullet likely Ricocheted off a rock ans sparked a fire along Beretta Road off Highway 16. 
Firefighters caught the fire early, it only burned about an acre and a half, but Slepnikoff says it proves potential for a major forest fire remains high, “There’s a couple of trees… where it was already two-thirds of the way up the tree when they got here. Luckily, they had hose lays out quick and got it locked out. Otherwise it would have got up into the crowns and the wind is picking up here this afternoon. We could have had a lot bigger fire than this one.” 
Slepnikoff says target shooting usually doesn’t pose much of a risk, but right now it’s important to make sure bullets can only land on bare ground—pine needles may kindle a fire.
Source: Kota Territory News


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