Wildfire at Bandipur causes extensive damage

Wildfire at Bandipur causes extensive damage

16February 2005

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Mysore, Feb. 16 (DN)- A wild fire which engulfed Bandipur National Park yesterday has destroyed more than 250 acres causing extensive damage to flora and fauna.

The forest fire, said to have sparked by miscreants on the hunt for wildlife, has been noticed in more than 40 places sending the wildlife to run for cover.

According to forest officials, forest fire cannot appear in 40 places at the same time and the hands of poachers cannot be ruled out.

Fire tenders pressed into service are finding if difficult to douse the fire due to strong wind. The fire spread to Yedeyale, Karyamangala, Kaniyanapura, Laxmipura and other neighbouring villages.

Firemen somehow could control the ravaging wildfire in Hosapura and Melukamanahalli.

However, DCF Yathish has not ruled out the hand of miscreants behind the incident to mislead the forest staff. He says since the fire has occurred in many areas at the same time, it must be a work of poachers who were recently caught smuggling antlers.


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