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Asia Forest Partnership

Asiaforest partnership (AFP) promotes sustainable forest management in Asiathrough addressing five urgent issues. Topic areas:

  * Control of illegal logging

  * Control of forest fires

  * Rehabilitation and reforestation of degraded lands

Crosscutting issues:

  * Good governance and forest law enforcement

  * Developing capacity for effective forest management

Thepartnership acts as a catalyst for already existing initiatives by increasingsynergies and reducing duplication between programs and ongoing efforts.At this stage the AFP provides a formal framework for the exchange ofinformation and experiences. Beyond strengthening existing programs this willfacilitate joint identification of new programs and research needed. AFPactivities combine national, bilateral or multilateral and regional initiatives.

Thepartners meet at least once a year to exchange information, identify furtherwork and consult on ongoing activities. CIFOR is currently hosting theAFP information-sharing secretariat. So far there have been three meetings.More information on previous and future meetings. The partnership wasinitiated in 2002. The duration of its first phase will be 5 years.

AFPProposal “Proposed Steps to Enhance the Asia Forest Partnership”

>FromRio to the AFP

TheAFP was launched at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg,in 2002. It is one of over 200 partnerships for sustainable developmentregistered with the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development.The common aim of these partnerships is the implementation of sustainabledevelopment based on the Rio Declaration principles and the valuesexpressed in the Millennium Declaration. Partnerships do not substitutefor but complement intergovernmental commitments.


Partnershipsare voluntary, multi-stakeholder and ‘self organizing’ based onmutual respect and shared responsibility of the partners involved. Partnersto the AFP include government, intergovernmental organizations and membersof the civil society. All partners are equally accountable. Leading partners(government of Japan, government of Indonesia, Center for InternationalForestry Research – CIFOR, The Nature Conservancy – TNC) have madea stronger commitment to the advancement of the partnership, but do nothave more authority or rights than other partners.


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