Offenderto be fined



   Trashigang: 23 March 2004 – The divisional forestry office in Trashigang say they havefound the offender in connection with the Kheri forest fire that destroyed about250 acres of pine and lemon grass vegetation on March 9.

Investigation revealed that the fire had started from the work currentlyunderway to resurface Kheri-Chazam highway by a local contractor.

“It is not because of negligence but because of the strong afternoon windthat always blows around the area,” said a divisional forestry officer. Thefire had spread from the place where the labourers were boiling tar for theresurfacing works on the road.

The officer told Kuensel that the offender will be made to pay a fine andsettle the case at the forestry office if he agrees to the fine, otherwise, thecase will be forwarded to the district court. According to the forestry rule, anoffender is fined Nu 1,000 per acre of damage.

The fire that spread on the afternoon of March 9 had quickly engulfed the drylemon grass and pine vegetation threatening the fuel oil distribution depot onone side and the Pam village on the other. One house had miraculously escapedthe fire even though it was surrounded on all sides.

Forestry officials, police, dzongkhag officials, labourers from the companyand the local villagers formed the fire fighting crew who had to rush towardsRangshikhar as the fire shot up towards the village.

The divisional forestry officer told Kuensel that theassessment of the actual damage is being carried out and the offender will becalled in shortly to settle the case.



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