Haze Singapore

Hazeconcerns as PSI reading hits 45 on Sunday

Source: ChannelNewsAsia.com, February 23, 2004


Is the haze back in Singapore?
Singapore has been looking somewhat hazy lately and many are worried the haze is back. “Recently, during the evenings I find that there is a smoky smell, I suspect the haze is back.” “It is getting hotter and it is more humid.” “I think it is extremely hot, and I think we cannot stand it.”
But what are the experts saying? 
Chia Aik Song, Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing at the National University of Singapore, said: “Right now the fires have started already in Sumatra but still quite far away from the peak which is usually in March. “In a year, there are two periods where the fires are more serious. The first one is in March and the second one is around September to October. But in terms of the impact on Singapore, usually the September one is more serious because of the prevailing monsoon winds.” This is because in September, the prevailing monsoon winds carry the smoke towards Singapore, but blow in the opposite direction in March. So experts say if the haze does hit Singapore soon, it can’t just be blamed on the Sumatran forest fires, but possibly other fires in the region too. 
The pollutants standard index on Sunday hit 45, which is still within the ‘good’ range, while Monday’s reading is also a good 37. Meanwhile, doctors say they have not seen any increase of patients with haze-related symptoms.



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