Needfor Tighter Control over Ecological Situation in Chechnya

ITAR-TASSNews Agency, 18 February 2004

Therewill be tighter control over the ecological situation in the Chechen Republic.This decision was made at the meeting of Minister of the Russian Federation forNatural Resources Vitaly Artyukhov and Minister of the Russian Federation forthe Restoration of the Social and Economic Sphere in the Chechen RepublicStanislav Ilyasov with President of Chechnya Akhmat Kadyrov, Tass learned fromthe press service of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources.

Thepress service said the staff of Chechnya’s main agency for natural resourceswill be increased and the service for monitoring the geological environment andposts of ecological monitoring will be set up.

Thiswill permit restoring the lost geological information and coping with theproblem of oil waste. The participants in the meeting believe the state of thestorages of oil waste and of oil storages that are filled to capacity ishazardous for the republic’s ecology, the press service noted.

In viewof the fact that technical maintenance, reconstruction and building ofprotective structures for water reservoirs was stopped from the 90s, the federalministries supported the measures of the Chechen authorities for the search ofnew sources of drinking waters and sanitary control over the quality of water.

Notingthat the situation in forestry in Chechnya requires urgent measures, theparticipants in the meeting decided on the urgent supply of forestry economieswith means of communication and fire-fighting equipment andstressed the need for urgent repair.

Thecomprehensive programme “The ecology and natural resources of the ChechenRepublic” for the period up to 2010 will be drafted to coordinate the workplanned.


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