Russia Mismanages Forest Resources – Audit Chamber

Russian Federation: Russia Mismanages Forest Resources – Audit Chamber

Source: ITAR-TASS News Agency, 19 July 2002

By Olga Fronina

The Russian government mismanages the country’s forest resources, Audit Chamber analysts said after looking into how effectively and properly federal funds earmarked for the protection and reproduction of foreign resources were used last year.

The auditors’ findings were made public at a meeting of the Audit Chamber’s collegium, the chamber’s public relations department said Friday. Auditor Ivan Dakhnov said the use of Russia’s forest resources was loss-making for the state. The government’s spending on forest protection and reproduction exceeded incomes. The losses have to be compensated from the federal budget. Last year Russia’s losses from forest resources mismanagement totalled 164 million rubles.

The Audit Chamber says the natural Resources Ministry has proved a very ineffective user of forest resources. 
Last year forests qualitative parameters worsened. Illegal tree felling doubled, and forestation reduced by half.
The status of forestries remain unclear, they continue to have the dual function of government control and enterprise.

The Audit Chamber will report its findings to the State Duma and Federation Council.


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