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Fire Destroys Over 500,000 Hectares Of Forest In Russia

ITAR-TASS, June 3, 2002

Moscow — Fires havedestroyed about 570,000 hectares of forests in Russia since the beginning of theyear, which doubles last year’s level, the Emergencies Ministry said.
Two hundred and fifty forest fires are now raging across Russia, of which 73started in the past 24 hours. On Sunday alone, fire destroyed more than 24,000hectares of forests, the ministry told Itar-Tass on Monday.
The situation has deteriorated in Yakutia where 48 forest fires have beenreported, 23 of which are big ones. They have spread to 7,000 hectares in thepast 24 hours. “On the whole, the situation in the Far East has somewhatnormalised, especially in the Khabarovsk Territory where almost all fires havebeen put out”, the ministry said. The situation in the Siberian FederalDistrict ha also improved. The fire on almost 3,000 hectares was stamped outthere in the past 24 hours.
According to the Emergencies Ministry, the largest number of forest fires is inTyva (42), Irkutsk region (24) and Krasnoyarsk Territory (20).
Forest fires have been reported virtually on the entire territory of Russia butthey are small, the ministry said.


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