Initial Attack – A Periodical of Bombardier Aerospace

InitialAttack – A Periodical of Bombardier Aerospace

Bombardier AmphibiousAircraft publishes periodically “Initial Attack”. Issues published between1993 and 2002 are available online:

Autumn 2002

Variations in Fire Regimes

The French National Civil Protection Department

Okay, so it’s not “Around the World in 80 Days”

Sharing of Emergency Resources in a Constrained World



Spring 2002

Aero Flite Operations

Firefighting in Italy – A statistical overview of Year 2000 campaigns

Alberta – Prometheus – the Canadian wildland fire growth model

Portugal – Why forest is burning



Autumn 2001

Trees and Forests Combat Global Warming

Tracking the Spread and Intensity of Crown Fires

Amphibious Aircraft — a Valuable Tool for Minnesota’s Firefighting

New roles for Bombardier Amphibious Aircraft



Spring 2001

Fire season 2000: Under the big sky

Aerial fire management of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service

Fire runs, but can’t hide from FLIR attack



Autumn 2000

Climate change: implications for forest fire management in Canada


British Columbia faces the interface fire challenge

Forest fires in the Brazilian Amazon

 Spray booms enhance waterbomber’s environmental protection capability




Spring 2000

Hellenic Air Force fights Turpas refinery fire with Bombardier 415


Québec’s aerial firefighters – an international strike force


The role of aircraft in wildland-urban interface fire management –
a Canadian perspective


Fuel mapping helps wildland firefighting





Autumn 1999

Canada’s Wildland-urban interface: Challenges and solutions


First in flight… first in fire protection


INMARSAT satellites aid forest firefighting in Spain


Forest fire management in China


Kosovo relief flights showcased amphibian’s heart





Spring 1999

Seawater for aerial firefighting – its effect on vegetation


Birddogs and Air Attack Officers


Forest firefighting organizations in the Republic of Argentina since 1996


Northwest Fire Compact from concept to reality




Autumn 1998

Ontario pilots praise new-generation aerial firefighter


The worst forest fire disaster in Mexico

Wildland Firefighting in Alaska Challenges and Lessons from Miller’s Reach

CL-415 Flight Training Device will reduce costs, enhance safety



Spring 1998

Forest Fighting in Chile


Using Mathematical Models to Combat Forest Fire Spread

Assessment of 1997 Land and Forest Fires in Indonesia

Wildfires in Los Angeles county



Autumn 1997

Water Bombers Overpower Wildfires in Marseille


A New Battle for Croatia

Resource Sharing

Decision Support Systems for Airtanker Management



Spring 1997

Wildland Fire in Canada


 Aerial Forest Fire Protection in Russia’s

 B.C. Fire Crews Drop into those Hard-to-Reach Job Sites



Autumn 1996

Airborne Cooperation in Sweden


Initial Attack by Amphibious Aircraft Helps Portugal Combat Forest Fires

Spotting Forest Fires Early Speeds Initial Attack



Spring 1996

Forest Fire Control in Italy


The Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System

Fighting Fire With Fire



Autumn 1995

Forest Fire Management in Brazil Trails Forest Resource Development


The CL-215 in North Carolina

Fire Training Without Fires



Spring 1995

The CL-215T in California


Facts About Foam

Overcoming Adversity in Croatia



Autumn 1994

Initiatives in Italy


The Jiapro Project

New Technology Versus an Old Enemy



Spring 1994

Urban/Wildland Fire Management in Nova Scotia


International Co-operation in Wildland Fire Management

How FLIR Fights Fires



Autumn 1993

Resource Sharing: the CIFFC Model


Centralization: More Efficiency at Less Cost

Waging the War in France



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