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On this page, the GFMC provides direct links to websites with online wildland fire research and management publications. The GFMC welcomes suggestions for more links.

At Home in the Woods: Lessons Learned in the Wildland/Urban Interface
This publication documents some of the best, most innovative fire mitigation practices currently underway in the wildland/urban interface. Facing the threat of wildfire, individuals and communities are taking creative measures to protect themselves. What follows are their stories, with a focus on challenges faced, obstacles overcome and lessons learned. The whole book is available online at:

FAO Global Forest Fire Assessment 1990-2000
The FAO Global Forest Fire Assessment 1990-2000 is part of the FAO Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) 2000, published online (PDF) as Working Paper No. 55 (495 p.). The global fire assessment has been prepared by J.G.Goldammer (The Global Fire Monitoring Center) and Robert W. Mutch (Fire Management Applications).

Fire Management Today
As of 1 January, 2000 (Volume 60, Issue 1) the former Fire Management Notes became known as Fire Management Today. This name change reflects its continued growth from its beginning as a collection of short articles in 1936 to the current, widely-read and well-respected journal format. Direct access to archived articles:

Initial Attack – A Periodical of Bombardier Aerospace
Bombardier Amphibious Aircraft publishes periodically “Initial Attack”. Issues published between 1993 and 2002 are available online:
Links to Initial Attack

The Nature Conservancy (TNC): Fire Management Requirements and Prescribed Fire Guidelines
The Nature Conservancy’s Fire Initiative strives to alleviate the serious problems caused by the alteration of natural fire cycles across the globe. The Nature Conservancy’s Fire Management Requirements, the Prescribed Fire Guidelines, and the Fire Management Manual are available on the internet. The Manual includes information on the organization’s standard operating procedures, requirements, and guidelines regarding fire management. It also outlines the necessary steps for developing and maintaining a successful fire management programme.

CEMAGREF Centre des Documentation Foret Méditerranéenne et Incendie (DFCI)
In the section Mediterranean Forest and Fire the DFCI provides the electronic version of its fire bulletin and provides access to a photographic guide and database.

Promethee Database
The Promethee database on forest fires was created in 1973 and contains standardized fire statistical information of 15 provinces (départements) of the Southeast of France beginning in the 1970’s <in French>

USDA Forest Service Research Publications Online

This website provides access to the latest and online archived forestry research publications. The search engine looks for “fire” or “wildland fire” publications or any other keyword such as “fuel” etc.

Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS)

The RMRS electronic publication website contains fire publications and will add more electronic publications in the future. Three comprehensive publications are of special interest and include valuable information and bibliographical sources. They can be downloaded from the RMRS website or here:

Virtual Disaster Library (VDL)
The VDL is an online collection of disaster publications that includes more than 250 publications in English and Spanish on disasters and emergencies, more than 25,000 pages of ideas, discussion and solutions for disaster reduction and a powerful, yet simple search engine, that helps quickly locate information. The VDL is a project of the Pan American Health Organization in collaboration with the Regional Disaster Documentation Center (CRID) and the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR).

Coarse-Scale Spatial Data for Wildland Fire and Fuel Management
The US coarse scale assessment and mapping database includes (1) Potential Natural Vegetation Groups , (2) Current Cover Types, (). Historical Natural Fire Regimes, (4) Fire Regime Current Conditions, (5) National Fire Occurrence, Federal and State Lands, 1986 – 1996, (6) Potential Fire Characteristics, and (7) Wildland Fire Risk to Flammable Structures. Username and password combination can be obtained by the Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fire Sciences Laboratory.

Links for Paleofire Research

Global Charcoal Database
The aim of the Global Charcoal Database (GCD) is to provide the scientific community with a global paleofire dataset for research and archiving sedimentary records of fire. The GCD is managed by the Global Paleofire Working Group – GPWG.


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