GFMC: Global Vegetation Fire Inventory Online Form

Global Vegetation Fire Inventory (GVFI) Online Form

For further information on the GVFI please see the Design and Rationale of the GVFI.





Years/Decade of Reference:

Vegetation or Land Clearing Type Area Burned (ha/yr) Average Fuel Burned (t/ha) Total Biomass Burned (t/yr) Fraction (%) Burned per Month Ignition by Lightning (%) Source of Information Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Wildfires (Uncontrolled, Unwanted Fires)

Forest 1
Intensively managed / utilized and protected (incl. plantations)

Forest 2
Not intensively managed and protected

Savanna/ Shrubland 1
Intensively managed /utilized / protected

Savanna/ Shrubland 2
Not intensively managed / utilized / protected

Intensively managed/ utilized (not in categories savanna 1 or 2)

Prescribed Fires

Prescribed pastoral & agricultural burning
(maintenance burning of pastures, agr. waste disposal: straw of wheat, rice, sugar cane, etc.)

Traditional Shifting Cultivation
with fallow and forest regeneration phases

Permanent Land Clearing 1
Conversion of forest to tree plantations

Permanent Land Clearing 2
Conversion of forest to agriculture and pasture systems

Other (explain):


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