GFMC: Fire Ecology Research Group, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry Johan Georg Goldammer

Johann Georg Goldammer

Johann G. Goldammer is senior scientist at theMax Planck Institute for Chemistry and serves as head of theGlobal Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC) and theFire Ecology Research Group. The GFMC is a contribution of Germany to the theUnited Nation International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UN-ISDR). At Freiburg University he is serving as professor for fire ecology. Since 2005 the GFMC is anAssociate Institute of the United Nations University (UNU). J.G. Goldammer is also serving as coordinator theGlobal Wildland Fire Network and theUNISDR Wildland Fire Advisory Group under the auspices of and serving the UNISDR system as aThematic Platform. Between 1988 and 2014 he was editor of UNECE/FAO International Forest Fire News (IFFN) as one of the core tasks of his lead of theUNECE/FAO Team of Specialists on Forest Fire (until phasing out of the Team in July 2014). He is working closely with the a number of specialized UN agencies and programmes, such as the FAO; UNEP, UNESCO, WHO, WMO and the Joint UNEP-OCHA Joint Environment Unit, Emergency Services Branch, and is member of the Steering Committee of the Advisory Group on Environmental Emergencies (AGEE). The GFMC is also offering liaison capabilities for providing assistance for rapid assessment and decision support in response to wildland fire emergencies under cooperative agreements with the Joint Environment Unit of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). GFMC is partner in thePartnership for Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction (PEDRR) integrated within the UNISDR system. Since 2006 the GFMC is serving theOrganization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) inimplementing wildfire risk reduction projects in OSCE Participating States. Since 2014 he is serving as interim secretary of theInternational Wildfire Preparedness Mechanism (IWPM), a non-financial instrument serving as a broker / facilitator between national and international agencies, programmes and projects to exchange expertise and build capacities in wildland fire management and particularly in enhancing preparedness to large wildfire emergency situations. The IWPM has been developed in tandem with theInternational Fire Aviation Guidelines and the International Manual of Common Rules for Fire Aviation.


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